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A day with a life planner in Shanghai | "One Day in China" Episode 1


Hello! Today marks a special milestone for me. I'm excited to introduce my new YouTube channel and its highlight, “One Day in China” - a mini-documentary series I've long dreamed of creating. Through this program, I'll delve into the daily routines and diverse professions of ordinary Chinese folks.

Over the past months, I've reached out to a wide circle of friends, and many have kindly introduced me to their own connections. This journey of finding the candidates has been an enlightening one. I've been heartened by the outpouring of support I've received when sharing my vision for this series.

While I'm deeply passionate about this project, I must acknowledge that the idea isn't entirely new. I've been profoundly influenced by renowned Chinese Vloggers like “纯纯甘”, “好叫好伐”, and “在下辉子”, who excel at capturing authentic, humorous, and "people-centric" narratives. Initially, I considered translating their content for an English-speaking audience. However, I soon realized the potential of leveraging my English skills, passion, and network to craft a series tailored for global viewers.

A big thank you to Chunyang [WeChat: lolipoptcy_Ridgewood], an alumnus from my university, for generously sharing his life as the premiere guest on my show. His wide network as a life planner has also led to numerous introductions, which may shape many of our upcoming episodes.

While I'm uncertain about the exact number of episodes I'll produce, I aim for 360. This number isn't arbitrary; it's inspired by the Chinese saying "360行,行行出状元" ("In all 360 professions, every field has its master."). My exploration won't be limited merely to professions but will encompass diverse lifestyles and unique individuals. At the end of each episode, including this one, you'll get a glimpse of a bonus scene teasing what's next.

Creating 360 episodes is ambitious. Given the time and effort that went into the debut episode (I dedicated my entire National Day holiday to editing, with invaluable assistance from Lu Xinyan of the Communication University of China), this could span 15 to 20 years. Yet, I'm fully committed to this journey.

I hope you'll find joy in the inaugural episode. If it resonates with you, please support by following my YouTube channel. Your feedback is invaluable. Whether you're enjoying a meal, commuting, or seeking a brief escape, I believe this 10-15 minute mini-documentary can be a delightful companion.

For collaborations, investment opportunities, or suggestions on professions or lifestyles you'd like to see in upcoming episodes, please email me at:

Thank you for being part of this adventure!

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