Hello Yiting, thanks a lot for your digging and for the article that resulted from it. I completely agree with you that being precise in sharing information is extremely important - and often disregarded due to perceived lack of time. I argue, only by taking enough time to be precise we are able to actually communicate with each other.

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Hi Nina, thank you for your feedback! I agree with you on the importance of being precise in sharing information, as it is often overlooked. I really do think that taking the time to be precise is essential for effective communication.

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Thanks for the timeline. It’s quite confusing. It would be nice if the Chinese government commissions a public inquiry into the origins of Covid, setting out the timeline, and also set out clearly the links and collaboration. between US researchers and Chinese researchers.

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G.R.'s apologetic contradicts itself. His comments asserts, "12/31. Alerted by Dr. Li's message, 150,000 residents flee Wuhan." He claims Dr. Li was able to spread alarm to the degree that 150,000 left the city. Yet G.R. does not address the fact that the government let Wuhan residents circulate globally well into January 2020, guaranteeing a global pandemic..

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Covid was endemic in the USA in 2019, as the CDC's figures show.

Read "Serologic Testing of US Blood Donations to Identify Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)–Reactive Antibodies: December 2019–January 2020. By Sridhar V. Basavaraju et al. (CDC scientists). Conclusions. These findings suggest that SARS-CoV-2 may have been introduced into the United States prior to 19 January 2020.


Also see "How did a Kansas grandmother just become the world's first COVID death? Not even her family knew until this week"


The full Covid timeline is here: https://herecomeschina.substack.com/publish/post/140231459?back=%2Fpublish%2Fposts%2Fpublished

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Meanwhile in Wuhan, the police suppressed Dr. Li Wenliang's discussion among health care colleagues, the government ordered hospitals to stop sending samples out for analysis at a lab in Shanghai, the authorities promoted an annual potluck of thousands of people in early January, and global travel to and from this global manufacturing center spread the virus worldwide. Business as usual no matter what the human cost!

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Nope. Dr Li was among the last to know.

Here's the timeline:

12/26/2019. Dr. Zhang Jixian reported the first Coronavirus patient to her Wuhan hospital and the CDC.

12/27. Beijing specialists, CCDC arrive Wuhan.

12/30. Dr. Li PMs schoolmates: "7 SARS patients. Be careful!"

12/31. China warns WHO, CDC of 'a coronavirus of unknown origin'.

12/31. Alerted by Dr. Li's message, 150,000 residents flee Wuhan.

1/1 Dr. Li's hospital warns him about creating public panic.

1/3 Police warn Dr. Li not to spread rumors ask him to sign an agreement not to repeat it, and Dr. Li returns to work.

Dr. Li was a good man made a momentary slip. It's consequences were not dire, nor was he punished for it.

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