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Thanks for this informative article which also brings about the challenges to getting the elderly to do about anything which is outside of their comfort zone and routine. My grandparents on my mother's side are in Hong Kong. They are also 92 and 100 respectively. There was quite a bit of hesitation on their part for vaccination partly because their GP was warning them too strenuously about side effects of vaccination to the point where they got afraid and kept postponing it. It took a lot of persuasion on our part to get them triply vaccinated and we were so grateful China/Hong Kong held onto Zero Covid until they've got their third vaccination because about a month after that, they both caught Covid. We genuinely believe that it was the combination of Covid policy + vaccines that allowed them to get over Covid. However, as stated in your article, bringing them to the hospital and taking them out of familiarity was not without lasting consequences. I hope that all elderly and their family would take this seriously as they are even more in need of the vaccines than us younger generation and that China's opening would be a smooth and safe one for them.

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I'm with you. I believe China's COVID policy saves many lives and buys some time for the vulnerable. On the other hand, it was difficult to persuade the elderly who refused vaccination: If an elderly person has three children and is concerned about the side effects of the vaccine, the child who persuaded him/her to take the vaccine will be under a lot of pressure and responsibility (what if the elderly person gets sick or dies as a result?) As a result, not every child is willing to do so. I suppose it differs from Western culture in that people in East Asia feel more responsibility to their parents and are more closely linked with one another. Anyway, I hope everything goes well with your grandparents and that everyone who is elderly has a safe winter.

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Covid was a bio attack on China and Iran in October 2019 from the West. There is no such thing as a virus. There are biological weapons using proven pathogens such as bacteria, fugi and parasites. There are also Chemical (toxins) weapons BUT there is no such thing as a virus. Everyone has been "brainwashed" since the invention of "Germ Theory" in the 1880's. Take a few minutes to examine the evidence:


The PCR test does not work to detect a virus:


If you think you have proof of a Covid virus, then collect a 2 million Euro reward. This reward has been unclaimed for over 2 years:


Understand that the West is trying to maintain it's "Uni-Polar" World order using US dollar Reserve hegemony. The West will do anything to try and maintain this order.

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