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I'm usually accused of being a Chinese shill becausr in thr last few years I often spoke well about it, after a few trips as a tourist.

I even thought about moving there for a while and starting a business, and in 2020 I was supposed to tour it for a month from Kazakhstan to Beijing with my family.

Then covid struck, or at least the psyop called covid.

Since then, it has been incredibly difficult to justify what was happening in China, but I was still repeating the mantra that things aren't often as MSM says, we don't really know what's happening in China and so on.

But now I can't read articles like this, an incredible mix of scaremongering lies, without wondering if the zionists control China as well, because that's exactly their point of view.

There is no pathogen behind this situation, there are no 15 million deaths (at least the article doesn't say 6 millions...) caused by a virus, there are on the other hand millions of people killed by remdesevir/midazolan/respirators and neglect.

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