I look forward to the day when ASEAN and China agree to jointly develop the SC Sea for the common benefit of the peoples of this region, and agree to oppose all foreign military presence in the region. There is no need for the US, Canada, UK or Australian navies to be present. They have no business to be here. Why can’t we the SC Sea be the common sovereignty of all the countries in this region? Why must we divide the sea into separate sovereign areas?

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Hi, thank you for your comments. There are many history issues preventing this from happening. And now its geopolitical stuff affecting that. Definitely hope to the situation could improve and benefit all.

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Ginger River's Review of China

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Ginger River China Review

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Maybe keep it simple and descriptive:

Ginger River Review (about China)

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I like this suggestion. Ginger River Review is a nice name. It makes me think of Asia. So keep the name and add a parenthesis (as DD suggests) or make it a “by line”

or motto - eg, “bringing China to the world”, “bringing the world to China”, or whatever the mission is.

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Call it whatever you choose, but without "China" or some other "sino" reference in the title/headline/descriptor, you fail to attract those seeking that topic.

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With due respect to Dr Wu, when it comes to geopolitical strategy - we must not confuse events of substance with those of imagery.

The provocation of foreign war ships plying the waters off of mainland China by the US and its allies is a play of imagery. It is based on an adolescent mindset. A mindset of spectacle, grandeur and/or theatrics to project the imagery of power to both attract sycophants and place fear in the weak-willed.

China is neither sycophant nor weak-willed. Imagery is imagery and not a case of substance.

American power now lives on imagery. It seems unable to win wars against even against modest powers and certainly does not achieve its’ political objectives. More of the officialdom within US allies are seeing the reality.

Interestingly, imagery is used by an adversary to deploy images of power; and imagery can also be a force to portray weakness within it.

One thing all politicians desire to have and fear the most, is image.

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