Hello, this is Ginger River Review (GRR), a newsletter that delves into the priorities of both the leadership and the general public in China. Unique in its approach, GRR stands out among English-language newsletters, offering insights directly from the Chinese mainland through the lens of native observers.

GRR's readership spans a broad spectrum of influential figures, from diplomats and scholars to business leaders and media professionals, encompassing but not limited to those in academia, government, and the private sector. Whether you are directly engaged with China or simply curious about the forces shaping this global powerhouse, GRR aims to provide you with thought-provoking, meticulously researched insights.

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I'm Jiang Jiang (JJ) 姜江, the founder of this newsletter. My name's two Chinese characters, “姜” and “江,” share the same sound but different meanings — "ginger" and "river" — although they have no relation to the spice used in my mother's cooking or the Yangtze River flowing through my hometown of Nanjing. My family chose this name simply because it's memorable and melodious.

My motivation for briefing trends on Chinese social media and policies for English readers mirrors my desire to explain the origin of my name — to bridge linguistic gaps and help readers understand what concerns Chinese people the most and the context behind policies that may significantly impact China and the world.

I earned my MBA degree from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, and have been working as a journalist with Xinhua News Agency since 2019. I dedicate my free time to curating this newsletter, committed to delivering quality content. The analyses presented in this newsletter reflect my personal views, not those of Xinhua.

While we strive for accuracy, errors in articles may occur. Please feel free to reach out if you spot any mistakes or have any feedback. You can reach me at jjiang.sisu@hotmail.com. I'd love to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter if you're active on either one.

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Covering the priorities of both the leadership and the general public in China and views you do not normally see from mainstream English-language media


Founder of GRR. China reporter, research fellow at Xinhua Institute think tank, lecturer at Peking University, Podcaster, YouTuber @chinaday2day. UVA Darden MBA, based in Beijing. Views not representing Xinhua.
He/him. Major in Interpreting at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Contributor to Pekingnology, Ginger River Review and The East is Read. From S to N (Fujian, Hubei, Beijing), and beyond.
Co-editor of GRR. BA at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, majoring in translation and interpreting. Previous intern at Center for China & Globalization (CCG).
A member of GRR, previous intern at Xinhua News Agency, speaks Chinese, English and Italian.
Someone from the so-called "broken Gen Z"
Co-founder of Ginger River Review. No ties to Xinhua.
A member of GRR/ a senior at Beijing Foreign Studies University, majoring in translation and interpreting.